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Dear Friends

I’ve added new content to Zen, For Writers, and Wanderings – complete with snazzy visuals in two of the three – and, in one, a pretty great hat. I hope you enjoy reading – and, if you like, please let me know via the comments what yr thinking, too.

thanks so much,


2 thoughts on “New Posts on Web Blog

  1. Marianne Shapiro says:

    yesterday i used your writing exercise — the one where you draw a life line –from the beginning until now and then choose one place on that line that calls to you, then remember that one moment in time as fully as possible and write about it. but in yesterday’s context, a psychodrama workshop on remembering and forgiving, it provided a deep warm up for the group explorations which followed. so thank you, remembering and deepening and creating new lives for ourselves. .

  2. Trevon says:

    What an awesome way to expailn this!

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