Click to listen to a talk Peter Levitt gave at Upaya Zen Center in May 2011 on the founder of Soto Zen Buddhism, Zen Master Eihei Dogen (1200-1253),

Click to listen to Peter Levitt’s CBC radio broadcast of An Afternoon at the Library in which he revisits the library of his childhood in New York and recounts how sitting in the library on a hot summer afternoon changed his life. Approximately six minutes in length.

Click  to listen to Peter Levitt and Sheryl Mackay on CBC radio discuss the translation of Zen Master Dogen’s life work, The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye. As Associate Editor, Peter worked for eight years with his close friend, the book’s primary editor, Kazuaki Tanahashi. Published in 2011 by Shambhala Publications, this mammoth, essential text of Zen Buddhism is already being considered a classic.

Click to listen to a talk Peter Levitt gave on Poetry, Dogen and the Heart of Zen Practice at SF Zen Center in November 2010.

Click to listen to a podcast of Peter Levitt reading from and discussing his poetry book, Within Within with Sheryl MacKay, host of CBC’s radio show, North by Northwest,
May 2, 2009.

2 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Pearl Luke says:

    Peter I could listen to you speak all day long. I love your new blog! I especially enjoyed the post with the poem Bugs in a Bowl, which I’d never read before. Thanks for posting it, and for your entire site! Today I’ll take a look around my bowl, and maybe I will chat with a few bugs, as well.

  2. Sheryl Taylor-Munro says:

    I look forward to carrying Peter’s podcasts on my mp3 player, so I can listen to them whenever I need a lift in my spirits or to just relax in the midst of chaos. To just live life as it is.

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