Poetry: One Hundred Butterflies and Book Club Buddy

As of a few hours ago, I’m happy to say, One Hundred Butterflies became this week’s featured book on a fabulous web site called Book Club Buddy, found at www.bookclubbuddy.com.  It comes complete with an interview. I love Book Club Buddy!  It brings writers and readers together in an important and most enjoyable way. Plus you can get free books! Please go there and see for yourself, and sign up so you can have hours (days!) of a reader’s enjoyment and get close up with the writers.

If you go to the site and click on Most Recent Posts, or on Author’s Interviews, you can read the interview I did for Book Club Buddy, which I hope you will enjoy, filled with stories about how the book came about (ha!), and writing in general. Then, if you click on Getting 2 Know Peter Levitt by scrolling down to that link on the Home Page, you can see answers to a couple of questions I was given that I hope will interest you.  This was great fun to do and I learned a lot in the doing.

While on the site – check out the other books, authors, interviews, etc.  This is a great resource for writers and readers – a little world made for us!

Enjoy, everyone.  I’ll be posting more on this site, too – before long.


3 thoughts on “Poetry: One Hundred Butterflies and Book Club Buddy

  1. Dear Peter:

    This book is like a soft wind that blows all the old fallen leaves away. A true gift.


  2. Sheryl Taylor-Munro says:

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you so much for your new book “One Hundred Butterflies”, and the lovely message inside.

    I took it with me to Duncan yesterday and seated in the upstairs lounge on the ferry, I started to laugh while reading.

    This of course attracted some quizzical looks from fellow passengers, so I read out several of your poems.

    They too began to smile, then laugh.

    By the time we reached Crofton, we had released at least a dozen of your butterflies.


    Shisen (Sheryl)

  3. Ruby says:

    It’s a wonderful feeling to be encouraged to smile at the world and ourselves!
    Many bows, Ruby

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