November 22, 2011

Here are some poems related to Poetry from One Hundred Butterflies. Hope you enjoy:


I love the old poets,

by day – the same loneliness,

at night – stars peeking through.




The painter dies

with each brushstroke.

That’s how he came

to be so old.




Mother, you were born

so I was born.

You will die

and I will follow you there.

How can I thank you,

all this time  

preparing the ground?




Right side up,

a bowl for serving tea.

Upside down,

an empty crown.

What a thing it is

this human heart — 

so easily turned




Where you are going

and the place you stay

come to the same thing.

What you long for

and what you’ve left behind

are as useless as your name.

Just one time, walk out

into the field and look

at that towering oak –

an acorn still beating at its heart.


If you like these poems and would like to order the book,  just go to Book Titles up above and click on the link to the book.


Nov 10, 2011 – One Hundred Butterflies and Book Club Buddy

As of a few hours ago, I’m happy to say, One Hundred Butterflies became this week’s featured book on a fabulous web site called Book Club Buddy, found at www.bookclubbuddy.com.  [You can paste that address into your browser or go to the bottom of this page and click on the link under Blogroll.] The feature comes complete with an interview. I love Book Club Buddy!  It brings writers and readers together in an important and most enjoyable way. Plus you can get free books! Please go there and see for yourself, and sign up so you can have hours (days!) of a reader’s enjoyment and get close up with the writers.

If you go to the site and click on Most Recent Posts, or on Author’s Interviews, you can read the interview I did for Book Club Buddy, which I hope you will enjoy, filled with stories about how the book came about (ha!), and writing in general. Then, if you click on Getting 2 Know Peter Levitt by scrolling down to that link on the Home Page, you can see answers to a couple of questions I was given that I hope will interest you.  This was great fun to do and I learned a lot in the doing.

While on the site – check out the other books, authors, interviews, etc.  This is a great resource for writers and readers – a little world made for us!

Enjoy, everyone.  I’ll be posting more on this site, too – before long.


5 thoughts on “POETRY

  1. nobodhi says:

    after basho ———————

    crows clutch onto bare branches

    in autumn’s twilight

  2. Tara Pilling says:

    Hi Peter,
    I just listened to a wonderful iPod cast you did at Center of Gravity with Michael Stone. I feel so inspired to write you and thank you! This was the ‘I always wanted you’ talk. Everything you shared resonated with me like you were speaking to my soul, thank you. I also love all the poetry you shared. This isn’t something that doesn’t happen so easily so this is a huge compliment. I feel deeply honored and inspired through your words and work. Thank you! I will research more into your work.

    Big love and light,

    • Peter Levitt says:

      Dear Tara

      Thank you for your kind email re my podcast for Centre of Gravity. It’s so gratifying to hear what you’ve written since one never really knows if s/he’s getting across to others. And thanks for checking into other writings I’ve done. I hope you enjoy what you find!

      warmest regards

  3. Today, I came across your poem from Book of Light reproduced in the Richard Diebenkorn Ocean Park Series exhibition catalogue (It is by light..). It’s a lovely poem and though I understand its about a place, I wanted to let you know it spoke to me of my partner of 33 years who will read it in her anniversary card on the 25th July.
    Discovering your site and Zen practice is a delight and completes a circle for me; As a painter, I always look at Morandi, Matisse and Diebenkorn’s Ocean Parks and read Tao and Zen writings when I need centering. I hope you don’t mind my (mis)appropriation of your poem and many thanks for bringing it to the world.
    with best wishes

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